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The trade ring

Molub -- Molub homeworld

Molub II – Earthlike, but doomed b/c star is going nova soonish.


Earthlike sun with three jovians in orbit around it.

Turandri two has many small moons and a large one. The large one is where the Crove settled after the battle with Draylin.

Hellscape, but lots of available energy (volcanos, argon, methane), magnetic fields, many mostly heavier metals (titanium/iron/etc). Strip mining. Metals = need for reproduction & treated as wealth. There had been 100s in the war that signed the treaty with Dralin, now there are thousands. End state?


Refueling stop


Refueling stop. F0 yellow-white main star, rock planet. Molub provided a device to make it easier to get hydrogen.


Refueling stop. Red dwarf - relatively easy to scoop energy from.

...3 stops...

Deneb -- Human perch-point

(Also tree things, squirrels)

It’s a binary system, a Red dwarf star orbiting a brighter primary. Humans have settled on a planet orbiting the secondary star; it’s a bit on the warm side, but habitable. The Denebian Humans left Earth in 2050, about 2000 of them from the EU. They are restocking their ship in preparation to leave when the planet gets too close to Deneb-Prime. They have a command structure; and are into their 3rd generation (for them it’s 2080).

Ardra -- Bavoran homeworld

Earthlike, overly oxygenated atmosphere.

Only 2 planets.

Qixu -- Harn home'world'

Noctae -- rest stop

Kritika -- Bheln homeworld

the dymal also live here

has a sizeable moon which creates tides

Sulfurous atmosphere around the all-important black smoker at center of Bheln culture

Dymal live on outpost.

on far side of world, atmos is more human friendly, but there is not a huge amount of land. lush low vegtation, some trees – savanna-like protected cove spinal-cord-looking snake/centipede scavengers, evolved as land crustaceans


Type: M8 V Red Dwarf, 0.36Rsol, 0.21Msol, 10^24 W (very dim)

No planets around it, just a skip space stop.


Many rock planets close to red dwarf, handful of ice planets further out. No habitation. There is an Alien Generator on Corvi III, being studied by Bheln scientists.


Home system of Nphthwn, Dralen, and Sykote Colonies (on Dahle Vb, a moon around the Jovian Dahle V).

There is an Alien Generator on Dahle I, with a group of Nphthwn scientists studying it. (There's another under the ice on IV, they think, but they have no way to get there.)

…then back to Molub.

On the way between Molub and Deneb


Unnamed world

refuel stop

(long jump to:)

Waura -- Glugni homeworld

neptunian planet ~6m_earth

(very long jump to:)

Alakh -- refuel stop

big gas giant, many moons, many resources


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