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Freeport Maps include up to 208 floors, which we will group here when we hear anything about them. There are 103 “east” floors, which are filled with a human-compatible atmosphere, and 105 “west” floors.

Each floor is about 20 feet high, except the docks are taller. 2 Elevator columns form the spine.

When the station is in long-term orbit, it spins around the port, giving variable gravity between 0G and 1.2G at the perimeter.



  • Docks on Freeport_east_0 - “up” is toward the docks
  • Hydroponics on Freeport_east_5
  • Restaurant on Freeport_east_48.
  • Gellifrug live on Freeport_east_46 and Freeport_east_47. They have modified these levels to be one big tall floor.
  • Recycling: Freeport_east_53. The bulk of the Crove are here. (Some also live in West, and some have jobs elsewhere around the ship and therefore 'live' there.)
  • The Hotel and Market: Freeport_east_60. The hotel is run by Humans, and the market stalls by a variety of humans, Shup, and Odocon (and anyone else who wants to sell things).
  • Little Freemarket: Freeport_east_61. Mostly human living quarters, plus a couple odocon.
  • Freeport_east_62-Freeport_east_63 - Odocon living spaces
  • Stores the potable water on the station: Freeport_east_70
  • Stores the grey water on the station: Freeport_east_71
  • Small village, Plov habitation, and a possible place for slaughterhouse: Freeport_east_72
  • Livestock: Goats & Dangon Freeport_east_73. These are managed by many Gellifrug and three Ploven.
  • Livestock: Dakoob Freeport_east_74 - managed by Crove.
  • Freeport_east_75 - cold and locked. Something wrong with the floor? No one has forced it.
  • Freeport_east_76 - unoccupied, dumping ground? Scrounging location?
  • Freeport_east_77 - (.7 Gs) Mild headache when open it? Like as if there were a high pitched noise (but can't hear one). Worse when through second iris. Did not explore.
  • Freeport_east_78, Freeport_east_79, Freeport_east_80 - Murder chicken (uvilies) swamp. Busted door - wedged half open & closed. Also chipmunk-like prey creatures and bat-like things.
  • Freeport_east_81 - once converted to human bunking area (French speakers with the murder chickens)? Odocon also here somewhere. Make a home here. Human-usable, pneumatically powered bathrooms. No food place or refrigeration unit. No cooking facilities. Dirt and critters. Beds, cooler, and now much cleaner. Want an actual fridge!
  • Freeport_east_82 - midden heap for 81. Non-food junk. Rocks, musty old books, etc.
  • Freeport_east_83 - Lots of shipping crates. Moved them to make door easier to get into. Something scuttling in there (Restorers - want things to go back to the way it was - aggressively).
  • Freeport_east_84 - Locked. Broke it open. 2nd door not. 3rd door locked. Smells like a hospital? Machines, beds, all at a human scale? “Neon” - bluish glow. Brighter than anywhere else on the ship (21st century level lighting, unlike everywhere else). Gauze, bandages, vials of stuff, a cooler, etc. Books (French? Vietnamese?). Powering a row of fridges - racks of plastic tubes carefully labeled not in english, pill bottles, electrically powered saw/drill/etc (mostly small), lights, climate control.
  • Freeport_east_93 - Desri enclave

Notable enclaves:

  • Shup: 30-40s?
  • Odocon: 24 (Frabnitz's)


(All West levels have non-Oxygen atmospheres, primarily Hydrogen-based.)

  • Known inhabitants: Dralen, Nphthwn, some Crove.
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