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Marian's Scones from War Fare: Battlefield Bakery Scones

  • 1 lb All purpose unbleached flour (about 3 3/4 c)
  • 2 TBS Sugar
  • 4 tsp Baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1 stick Softened butter
  • 5 oz Dried Zante currants (1/2 box)
  • 1 C Milk, warmed to room temperature
  1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.
  2. Mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together. Work in softened butter until the texture is like coarse meal.
  3. Mix in the currants.
  4. Add most of the milk, and knead together until it will form into a ball. If it won't, add a little more milk. If it's too sticky, add more flour.
  5. Divide into two equal parts. Form each part into a flattened disc about three quarters of an inch thick. Slice each disc into six triangular pieces and place all the pieces on a parchment-covered or floured baking sheet.
  6. Brush the tops with milk and bake for 10 minutes or until tops and bottoms are lightly browned.

Yield: 1 dozen

Note: If preparing in advance is useful complete the preparation through mixing in the currants. Bag the mixture in a ziplock quart bag and refrigerate or freeze until wanted. Then bring the mix to room temperature and proceed. If the contents are kept cool and dry, this mix will keep for a week (longer if frozen). “

Side Note: from memory and questioning people who cooked with Marian:

Soak the currants in the milk for an hour or more if you have time. It makes them much moister. Use 1/2 cake flour and 1/2 regular flour Wrap the scones hot from the oven with a towel to make them moister and helps to insure they are fully cooked.

“These scones were super popular at the Battlefield Bakery and we always sold out very quickly. In fact one happy customer was so infatuated with our scones she wrote a lovely poem about them.

The Ballad of Marian‘s Scones by Katherine Ashewode, The Pocket Bard.

Hear the tale of Marian‘s scones that sit within the bowl. Some are made with shredded cheese and some with currants whole.

Though some have praised them for their taste, they lie to you, I swear. The scones are simply dreadful things, at best a middling-fair.

So dreadful are the scones she makes, they must be wiped away, So she can try another batch upon another day.

I‘ll do my part to save the world: I‘ll eat a-one or two, Or more if it should come to pass the eaters are too few.

I‘ll hurl myself upon the scones, selfless as I am, And only ask in recompense, would you please pass the jam?”

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