Iliean - mind control other races

  • Mind control - electrical in nature.
  • Odocon have more control over internal electricity and feel the attempt to control as an attack rather than it just working.
  • A couple of week's travel from Molub II

Desri - Starfish

  • They like kidnapping people and using them as zoo specimens
  • They drug their specimens
  • They are really sensitive to electricity (and often use tazers as weapons)
  • They do not like to fight close up
  • They are not all horrible people who like enslaving zoo specimens

Shup - Gregarious Jellyfish

  • Vaguely resemble jellyfish, with a squishy central core and spindly, prehensile limbs.
  • Float at a height of about 4'; can't tolerate high G very well.
  • Slightly obsessional personalities: they tend to find a specific thing and do it to excess, at least for a while. (Example: “collect shiny things”)
  • They really like stories and are all about trades and loans. The ones we met were in a bazaar on lvl 60E near the hotel
  • We met Tigbo who gave Dub the light and chemicals to keep it lit and who likes/sells sharp things (since killed in Desri attack).
  • One of these was selling clothing and gave Gussie a jumpsuit in exchange for a promise of more clothing from Marvin

Odocon - Flashy pipecleaners / gobstoppers

  • Hexapodal; limbs are thin but strong, with no central core to speak of. Their skin is covered in 10cm-long hairs which they can use to produce sound and light.
  • Disturbingly good at mimicry
  • Good translators/communicators. 2 want to know our languages.
  • chatty, but less than Shup.

Crove - Rolls of barbed wire or sawblades, from Crove 4.

  • Speak in radio? Use speakers to communicate with those who speak at human audible levels.
  • They seem to emote via colors (green, blue, red), but get embarrased if you ask about it. When you talk to them they turn blue (focus? attention?).
  • They are in charge of the waste recycling area, and have a decent sense of what elements would be needed to create a radio. The waste was separated into metal, goo that smells like a paper mill, and everything else.
  • We were warned to avoid sudden movements and leave if any colors go three red, two green. They do not see us as anything but obstacles on their way to prey (metal?).
  • If you take things from the waste recycling area, they want replacements in terms of amount and not relative quality
  • Some are trying to convince them to act as guards as well as waste recycling.
  • May have been battlebots that escaped/were lost - never part of an ecosystem.

Gellifrug - Blue frogs

  • Smell strongly of citrus (blue citrus).
  • Most were enslaved by Ilieans, a species which can take control of people (most species, except Odocon) with a touch. We learned this from an older (darker blue) one named “Bonzo”.
  • The group on the station are free, but scared of being found.
  • They sell food that is tasty to humans
  • They look largely humanoid, with a frog-ish head and various shades of blue skin (darker apparently means older), and feet pointing outward. They really like/need water and have pools all over the place. They also made their floor approximately two levels high and were very bouncy. They don't seem to be taken seriously by the rest of the species, though.
  • They are used to a higher level of tech than what they are currently at. They might have useful ideas for what could be made to make things better on station?
  • They take a form of rectangular metal currency for their food

Sfoni - Shoulder-mounted fuzzies (eg Lil)

  • Quadrapedal brachiators, about 40cm tall. Wicked claws on hind legs which allow them to climb and cling.
  • Come from a high-oxygen world (~24%) with a variety of megafauna, which they have tamed.
  • Their language is gestural; loud sound is scary, a remnant of a time when they spent most of their lives hiding from sound-focused predators.

Bheln - crabpeople

  • Kekahuna is the one we know well. Scholar. Has an ok mechanical translator for which she'll be helping look for useful materials for the broken long distance drive.

Molub - Gorillas with a large mouth instead of a head (at shoulder height), big teeth

  • Care about hunting rights.
  • Territorial
  • Lots of roles around not having fights - predators
  • Typical categories: us, enemies, prey. Lots of rituals around this to prevent problems/fights.
  • Colonizing - not taking over other people's planets, but always looking for more places to be.
  • Learning how to be better at learning from other races

Durgu - monkey soldiers

  • Hit squad for the Frog peeps subjugators.
  • Lent to Desri? Or found the frog peeps?

Lusil (singular), Lus (plural) -- little humanoids, eat toxic metal salts?

Dralin - look like plants from Little Shop of Horrors.

  • From the west wing.
  • Occasionally emit flame (defend against predators on their planet - tiny slug-like creatures).
  • Very quiet - both in movement and in lack of speaking (communicate - posture, hiss, pheromones?).

Plove - 6 legged hippos.

  • Do not piss them off.
  • They are sentient, hang out with livestock and keep them chill.
  • Surly. Can speak, but rarely do. The three on board know some Chinese as well as English.

Nphthwn - flammable gasbags

  • live in the west wing, prefer hydrogen atmosphere, but can tolerate oxygen.
  • Not met them, heard about them.
  • Very flammable (thus why little oxygen in that atmosphere).
  • Plant-like.

Kukri - made the station-ship

  • no one knows where they went or if they will come back.

Skirrit - look like wasps

  • have venom,
  • controlled by slavers (used/abused as personal army as if unintelligent)
  • Dried venom = drug for humans, possibly other species
  • Yellow carapace.
  • (singular 'Skir')

Desri Pneumatic Servants

Robbie the robot - recharge every two hours, can act as hydraulic lift (2 tons in the nearly 0 G). Very helpful! Stayed with the Gellifrug that inhabited the Desri ship.



  • milk- and meat-producing animals from Earth.


  • wool-producing animals from Molub.


  • omnivorous scavengers from Molub. Grown for meat.


  • AKA Murder Chickens. Possibly from Deneb. Grown for meat.
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