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Premise: Our Teenaged Female Protagonist Solves Her Problems Rationally, In an SF Setting

'Protagonist:' 13-15, female, 60th percentile smart. Interested, engaged, good communicator. What year is it? Where was she born? Family? Friends?

*Likes: *Dislikes: *Hobbies:


Human-dominated solar system. No FTL. Power sources: Hot fusion torches for interplanetary spaceships. Cost of a ticket to High Miami (space station) about the same as a first class NY-London. Normal people don't go to Luna City for vacation, but they might move there for several years for work. Camda-Delhi is nearing one hundred thousand people in thirty bajaras (marketplaces) under the surface. Lots of goat curry, no beef. (Camda-Nagara is another name for Luna City). Tokamak fusion plants for cities. Pebble-bed cartridge fission reactors for isolated areas. 40% efficient solar panels for areas south of 40N and north of 40S, or the space cities. Electric batteries for urban vehicles, Fischer-Tropsch or thermal depolymerization synthetic oil for long-distance vehicles. Carbon recovered from atmosphere, trash. Universal recycling program standard, ubiquitous the way running water and plumbing is in the West – separation of compostables, non-compostable organics, burnables, metals, glass. Everybody does this automatically.

Most people do not know how to drive – cars take you where you tell them, display maps and ask for confirmation. Cars on highways link up into efficient roadtrains. Freight trucks are completely automated. Packages are dropped at your building by cargo bots. Nobody ever gets killed in a vehicle accident. You can cross a busy street anywhere, the way they did in San Francisco in 1908 – vehicles will avoid you. It's more dangerous in weird foreign rural places, where people don't have self-steering cars.

Computing: ubiquitous. Dataglasses are cheap. Voice interfaces, ear speakers – kids' models sometimes have weird ear extensions, fuzzy insect antennae sticking out. Basic data fees are mostly part of your taxes, like education and healthcare.

Healthcare: Teeth can be grown and implanted, or sometimes bud in place.

Earth Population: 10 billion, a little more than 2010. Economic growth in the cities on the coasts of Africa, India, Oceania.

Orbital Population: 2.1 million.

Moon Population: 210,000.

Mars Population: 7,500.

Countries: Europa has officially merged but retains local royalties, weirdo parliament systems, weirdo accents. Everyone in Europa speaks English plus their local language – some kids grow up only knowing English, no real problems. All over the world, people speak either English, Hindi or Mandarin as their primary or secondary language. 'Комитет по сохранению русского языка', 'Komitet do zachowania języka polskiego', 'Gymdeithas i warchod Iaith Cymraeg ', 'Samelewing te bewaar Boer Taal' – these are semi-popular things for old folks.

'Style:' Heinlein juvenile. Aimed at teens. Anger, confusion, fear, desire, hope, joy – aim for a full emotional spectrum. Rather than first person smartass, first person chatty. The world is unfair, but our protagonist develops coping skills and takes charge of what she can. By overcoming the obstacles, foiling the bad guys, and saving what she can, she proves that she has grown up enough.

Target length: 100,000 words.

*Intro – in media res? *Setup *Confusion *Partial resolution *Complications *Planning *Executing *Unforeseen complications *Improvisation *Crowning Moment of Awesome *Relief

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